How to Play Punto Banco

There are several Baccarat variants played in various parts of the world, but the most popular and widespread in North American casinos is Punto Banco. Since its introduction, this version of the classic card game has remained extremely popular.

Part of the appeal of Punto Banco is without doubt its simple rules. As with regular Baccarat, the face cards and 10 are removed, or have zero value. Also, the goal is still to reach the number nine. The one who gets to this number, or the closest to it, will win.

You cannot go over or bust, because Punto Banco rules, following that of other Baccarat games, reduces the total to a single number. However, one difference between the American version and the traditional game is that players can get three cards. Three is the maximum a player can get, meaning one can opt to just get one or two.

This Punto Banco rule allows players some more flexibility and more control over his approach, adding a more interesting twist to the game and allowing for greater player participation and decision making.

In Punto Banco there are three kinds of bets that a player can make; one for the Player, the Banker or a Tie. The odds here follow those of other Baccarat games, that is, there is a 5% cut for a wager on the banker as it prevails more often. The Tie also has the highest payout (8 to 1) because of the increased casino edge.

Playing Punto Banco is very easy; even if you have no previous experience, there will be no problems, because not only are the rules very easy to comprehend, but the drawing process is intuitive. If you are in a live casino you may ask the dealer for some clarification, and if on the Web, the help file is just a click away.

Nowadays you have the option of playing Punto Banco in a casino or on the Internet. Whichever you decide to play in, you are guaranteed to not just have a chance of taking home a lot of money, but you don't even need to break a sweat, unlike other card games.

Indeed all you have to do is show up (virtually or real), place your bets and watch the game unfold. Before you know it, you've already won quite a bit. Keep coming back, and the money will get even bigger.