Baccarat - the Card Game Played Worldwide

Few casino games have experienced such a dramatic change, in terms of perception and playability, as Baccarat.

No one knows the exact origin of the game, but it is widely held to have had its genesis in Europe with a game called Tarochi (whether this was linked with the tarot in any way is unclear). In any event, the game became very popular, especially in France where it acquired the name Chemin de Fer. To this day there is controversy as to whether Chemin de Fer was derived from Baccarat or the other way around.

Whatever the case may be, the fact was that the game eventually attracted the high and mighty in European society, and Baccarat was played for very high stakes. When the game was imported to the Americas in the late 1800s, the same atmosphere was retained.

With the explosion of casino development in Las Vegas during the forties and fifties, Baccarat was included, but it was separated from the other games. As a game meant for high rollers, it was played in private rooms (a practice that is still continued today in the high stakes version of the game).

Today however, the situation has dramatically changed. During the early part of Baccarat history one played the European version (i.e., Chemin de Fer) or the American version (Punto Banco), but now most casinos, be it in Europe or America, offer both versions and even mini Baccarat, for those who want to play for lower stakes.

As stated, high stakes Baccarat still exists, especially in Macau where high rollers play for millions of dollars in the VIP rooms of casinos. However, the advent of online gambling and the mini version has allowed the game to flourish, giving everyone the chance to enjoy this classic game. Now, anyone with an Internet access can play any variant they like, at any point.

As Baccarat players continue to grow in number, expect bigger things from the game. It probably will not be long before big money tournaments featuring this card game becomes widespread. Already, most casino gaming software now include it in their offering, and the strategy guides and websites are increasing in number.

The future of Baccarat is certainly bright, and all indications is that it has become a game that people from all over the world, from all walks of life can play. Whether you re a casual gamer or high roller, there is a version of the game for you to play in and make money from.